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Due to the brittleness of bisque ceramics, most all ceramics are glazed and fired to high temperatures in a kiln.Many different expressions are capable to achieve by changing the glaze.

Glaze textures vary from glossy to matt, or even semi-matt.

Rare colors are also possible to produce by layering glazes as well.

We have many glaze color samples for you to help find the right glaze for your work.


We have many different clay bodies for you to use from various regions in Japan and also local clay bodies.

The main clays

  • Shigaraki Red Stoneware, White Stoneware, Ko-Shigaraki White Stoneware, and Black Stoneware.
  • Kutani Porcelian and Taniguchi Porcelian.
  • Raku Clay and Earthenware Clay.
  • We also recycle clay, which students can use of no-charge.

Colors and pigments

  • For over-glazing, we have five traditional Kutani over-glazes, gold & silver nitrate, and enamels.
  • For under-glazing, we have Gosu(blue painting), iron oxide, and Amaco Under Glaze paints.


  • We have various trimming tools and wooden ribs for your needs, and you are more than welcome to bring along your own tools.
  • We have many kinds of tools for sale within our studio or we can order specific tools for you as well.